What we do


Over the last four decades Osprey has taken on many of the most technically challenging and highest quality construction projects in the Bahamas. From single family residential, to island development, civil engineering projects, to hotel construction, Osprey is willing to help, and has a reputation for delivering top quality finishes on budget and on schedule.

Project Management

At Osprey, our goal is to help the client get the result they want at the best possible price. We provide a variety of services encompassing all aspects of general construction and construction management.

Osprey has grown its size, scope and technical ability over the years

We found that every client has different needs. To meet these, we have maintained a flexible structure providing a variety of services including construction and project management, as well as a strong value-engineering department.

Who we are

Peter, Thomas and John Whitehead founded osprey in 1980. It has been family run ever since. Phillip Whitehead joined the company in 2008 and it is now currently entering into its 3rd generation of family ownership. We care deeply about our reputation and know that good service is the only way to maintain it.

Phillip Whitehead

Phillip Whitehead


Secondary Education: St Andrews Nassau, Werk Schule Heim, Salzburg Austria, The British Schools, Montevideo Uruguay,
University Education: University of Pennsylvania, Politics, Philosophy and Economic

Peter Whitehead

Mr. Peter F. Whitehead


Secondary Education: Queen’s College, Nassau, Stella Matutina, Vorarlberg Austria
University Education: St. Louis University, U.S.A. Bsc, Business Finance.

Thomas Whitehead

Mr. Thomas Whitehead

Vice President

Secondary Education: Queen’s College, Nassau, Stella Matutina, Vorarlberg Austria
University Education: Dundee University, Scotland Bsc, Civil Engineering with Economics.

Our vision

A better Building Experience

Our primary goal at Osprey is to create a positive building experience for our clients. This is something that we try to improve on every day.
How can we build more efficiently and produce higher quality?
How can we improve the accountability, communication and transparency with our clients in order to deliver exactly what they want?

Our values


We believe that a good service starts with accountability. We have found that the best way to create good service is to make ourselves accountable to our clients. We believe it is important for our clients to evaluate us at every stage of the building process. Our goal is to get a 5 out of 5 stars and not to be afraid of customer criticisms but embrace them early on to learn and improve our performance. This idea is at the core of our companies DNA.

Our Company
Our Company
Our Company


Transparency is created through continuous and open communication. We try to keep the client, their representatives, and our team aware of all relevant issues. Our use of technology, our information sharing and reporting platforms, are second to none. When working with us, you will always feel you know where we are in the construction process, what has to be resolved, and the plan of action for the tasks ahead.

A culture of improvement

The team at Osprey is always looking to improve itself. The best idea must make its way forward. To achieve this, our team is willing to listen, to others in the team, as well as those outside.  We learn and adopt the most up to date methods in the industry, and keep open and curious minds.  By doing so we are always on the forefront of methods and solutions that help our clients and us.

Being willing to listen, and curious to ask, and by refining what we already know through experience, Osprey stays on the forefront of the knowledge curve.

Leveraging Technology

We are constantly trying to incorporate technology to improve the quality and efficiency of our work. In recent years we have seen incredible advances in mobile technology and do our best to incorporate it, from incorporating GPS tracking systems, to incorporating the latest mobile apps into our building and maintenance systems.

Though a cliché, we believe it is the way of the future and have a culture of applying these advances to our process.


Osprey has one of the longest track records in the Caribbean.  We have takeon some of the most complicated jobs in the region and consistently delivered Class A projects. There is no substitute for experience. And we love a good challenge.