Residential projects

A better client experience

Building is meant to be a collaborative, creative, and productive endeavor. And when building with an organized, transparent and dynamic team, it can also be an enjoyable endeavor. By keeping honest and clear communication, by planning ahead and preempting issues, we seek to create a streamlined and stress free building experience. A truly positive building experience.


Clear, timely, and pertinent information transfer is the cornerstone of a healthy construction process. Dealing openly and early about issues is the secret to streamlined construction.


We have an eye for the details and care deeply about the finished product. We ask a lot of questions and work closely with our clients, in order to deliver exactly what they want. We don’t consider the job done until the finishes are of the highest quality and our client is completely satisfied with the end product.

Our management team knows what it takes to make working with different clients a success.

Commercial projects


Osprey has the maturity, capacity and financial ability to take on the larger more complicated projects that arise in the Bahamas.

Technical Ability

Osprey has a long history of successfully completing large and demanding projects in the Bahamas. We have taken on a wide array of projects that have ranged from very complicated, technically challenging aquarium theme parks, to multi story office buildings, high quality condominiums “design & build” communities as well as turn key fully operational hotels such as “The Island House hotel” boutique hotel in Nassau, Bahamas.

Joint Ventures

Osprey has experience in joint venturing on very large projects. We know how to successfully work in tandem with different organizations. There are many synergies to be found, and good ideas that result in joint ventures. The opportunity to work with other competent teams is an opportunity we embrace.


Osprey has the teams, reach and equipment to mobilize throughout the country. We can mobilize for any scale of project, throughout the Bahamas.

Refurbishment projects

Building refurbishment can breathe new life into an existing structure and revitalize a property investment. Osprey has a long history of refurbishing buildings in the Bahamas. With our experience we can help you refurbish a project in the least disruptive and most cost effect manner.

Small Works

Osprey can also help with smaller projects or refurbishments. Many opportunities to do bigger projects, have come through doing the smaller projects well.